I'm passionate about strategy and technology.

I am intrigued by the intersection of strategy, data analytics, and technology which will drive a company's short-term and long-term objectives. I look forward to learning more about these subject at my master's studies and career.

My short-term goals: Take advantage of youth and do as much as possible during my college life: building a network, business competition, extracurricular activities, volunteering, traveling, work experience, and start-ups.

My long-term goals: Leverage all my experiences and build sustainable businesses to drive social impacts.

Interesting facts: I am a first-generation Chinese-Spanish third culture individual and a first-generation college student. I'm fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish and not so fluent in Portuguese.

My Timeline


Stock AI

This dissertation focused on building LSTM models that can predict stock price values and trends any number of days in the future of any stock index, public company, or cryptocurrency using historical time series of 52 technical indicators. The models from the dissertation had achieved promising results by beating persistence baseline models and by outperforming 6 out of 7 selected research papers in the same domain.

IoT Indoor Bluetooth Localisation

Indoor localisation proposes an immense value proposition to retails stores. An indoor localisation prototype is built based on Bluetooth beacons’ signals. The accuracy of the prototype is evaluated to determine its possible real-world applications, such as location-based advertisements in a shopping mall or supermarket environment

One Cherry

An award-winning social enterprise based in Edinburgh, that aims to make sustainable second-hand shopping easy and convenient for everyone. I was one of the first members in the business model generation stage, and then, my colleague devoted full time to make this business idea a reality that it is now.


RoboTour is a robotic tour guide that assists people in environments such as museums or art galleries. The system comprises of an autonomous robotic guide, a purpose-built Android application, and a web server mediating the communication between the two.

Song Go

This Android application implements a location-based mobile phone puzzle game which allows users to follow a map and collect words which have been scattered at random around the user's location or preconfigured locations. The words make up the lyrics of a well-known song and the puzzle aspect of the game is to guess the song from the words which have been found.